“How Long Does A Divorce Take In California?”

A divorce in California must, by law, take 6 months from the date of the filing of the Petition for Dissolution. However, in some cases where there are no contested issues, you may obtain your divorce judgment prior to the expiration of the 6 month period, but the divorce is not officially final until 6 months after the filing date. That is the date that will appear on your divorce judgment, even if you have the judgment earlier.

Until you have a judgment with your official divorce date on it (and not before the date stated) you cannot get remarried or your new marriage is void. You should be careful not to make any plans for remarriage until you are 100% sure your divorce is final.

Most divorces have at least a few contested issues, such as child custody and visitation and property issues. Child and spousal support can also be contested issues. When these issues are present, your divorce will most likely take longer than 6 months. Cases average between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the issues present and the level of conflict, and can actually take longer in exceptional cases. You should keep in mind that the more items your fight about in your divorce case the longer it will take. It is always a good idea to resolve what you can before having a trial or hearing on what you cannot settle out of court.