Can My Ex Move My Children Out Of Town Or Out Of State Without My Permission?

Move away cases are difficult both for the parties involved and for the judges who have to decide them. How do you decide between having two parents close by and […]

Is Electronic Monitoring Available in Criminal Cases In Kern County, California?

The simple answer to the questions is, yes, Kern County has electronic monitoring. The complete answer is much more complicated. If you are facing jail time, is there a way […]

Are You Carrying The Right Auto Insurance?

Are You Carrying The Right Auto Insurance? Do you have the proper coverage to protect yourself and your loved ones? Many people maintain only the minimum required insurance and think […]

Can I Decide Who Will Care For My Children If I Die?

In the State of California, you may execute a Nomination of Guardian form. This form lets the court know who you have selected as guardians. You may select more than […]

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