What Is Identity Theft?

The various types of identity theft

Identity theft can take many forms, and has many sources. These are some of the most common scenarios:
credit report

  • A friend or family member “borrows” your credit card to make purchases.
  • A stranger steals information about you, and uses it to impersonate you.
  • You are sued for not paying for something you never bought.
  • Your credit is damaged, and you are unable to obtain loans.
  • Credit reporting companies won’t allow you to clean up your credit history.

How Can an Attorney Help?

An overview of the process

  • We will help you file a police report to establish fraud so that the District Attorney’s office can prosecute the guilty party.
  • We will help you file fraud forms with the Federal Trade Commission and California government.
  • We will determine if there are outstanding lawsuits against you.
  • We will work with a reputable credit repair company to re-establish your credit and contest improper entries on your record.
  • We will defend you against improper collection lawsuits.

Who Can Be Sued for Identity Theft?

And what can be recovered?

bakersfield identity theft attorneys

  • You can sue the perpetrator, but it’s typically very hard to collect from them.
  • You can sue financial institutions, if they were careless in protecting your information.
  • You can sue credit reporting companies, if they refuse to correct your credit history for debts that aren’t yours.

The first step is filing fraud claims with the Federal Trade Commission and California state government. After that, we will advise you about lawsuits, and can file lawsuits on your behalf. Lawsuits and collections are not included in our basic service, but are available for additional fees.